Simple Project Management for Businesses

Adrian Shaw Project Management Book FrontThere are numerous project management methodologies available that provide similar and extensive guidance on how to manage projects. Similarly, there are many ways that individuals can obtain training in how to manage projects, some of which are based on specific methodologies.

However, the successful delivery of projects within businesses can only be achieved if a standard approach is defined and then utilised by those who are responsible for delivering projects. Organisations generally have great difficulty in distilling the extensive guidance materials, offered within the pages of the various methodology manuals, into a framework that provides the right level of control for the effort invested in applying it.

This book provides the information required to enable businesses (both small and large) to create and implement a simple, pragmatic framework of standard processes, tools and templates that will enable them to consistently and effectively deliver projects successfully.

The book is now available to purchase on amazon.

“This is a succinct guide and toolbox reminding us that effective project management need not be complicated.”

Dr Chris Bale, Head of Programmes, Productiv Ltd.