SimpleP3M Assessment Gain a measure and understanding of your organisation’s current capabilities

Undertaking a SimpleP3M Assessment

If your organisation struggles to deliver projects and/or programmes successfully but are not sure why, or how to go about making improvements, then a SimpleP3M assessment is the best place to start. A high-level assessment can be conducted within a very short timeframe, from which you will gain a measure and understanding of your organisation’s current capabilities in project, programme and portfolio management (the three Ps).

SimpleP3M Assessment Structure

My SimpleP3M assessment consists of eight ‘disciplines’ and five ‘enablers’: Each discipline and enabler combination is evaluated and scored from 0 to 5.


The assessment (conducted over an agreed timeframe, either onsite or remotely) achieves three outputs:

1)  How good are you today? Through a number of interviews with key staff I will provide SimpleP3M scores which will quantify your current capabilities, along with commentary to describe the strengths and weaknesses behind the scores.

2)  What good would look like? I will provide a Vision of ‘what good would look like’ for your organisation, in order to achieve higher scores.

3)  Recommendations on how to bridge the gap. I will provide a list of recommendations, which, after being implemented (preferably as a business improvement programme), will enable you to gain the vital benefits of reliably selecting and delivering an optimised portfolio of projects and programmes on an ongoing basis, which will be reflected in improved SimpleP3M scores, in the not too distant future.


Assessments follow the process below:

1)     Conduct a scoping/kick-off meeting.  A meeting to finalise the breadth and depth of the assessment, agree the plan (people involved and timings) to complete the assessment and provide awareness of the format of the final report.

2)     Desktop review. Current project management framework documents (policies, processes, procedures, templates, tools, etc), are reviewed.

3)     Workshops with stakeholders. Workshops are conducted, as one-to-one and/or group sessions. Within each session, an open discussion is facilitated to gain an understanding of how good project, programme and portfolio management practices are applied in relation to the organisation’s framework.

4)     Report compilation. The findings are compiled into a report which include the following:

  • SimpleP3M results – scores for each discipline/enabler combination
  • Vision – a description of the desirable future state (what good would look like) that would ensure consistent project delivery and achieve higher Simple P3M scores
  • Recommendations – what needs to be done to achieve the Vision

5)     Presentation of results. The results, vision and recommendations are presented to the stakeholders.

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